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Confidence Coaching

Coaching is a possibilities building relationship between coach and client in order to improve your life, business, career, relationships and wellbeing.

Coaching is about forward movement.
It is not about dwelling on or revisiting the past.

If you are seeking change, a new career, more meaningful relationships, more happiness - Coaching can help you find it.


Get motivated and inspired to create unique personal options that will move you forward and into a life you love


Become empowered, both personally & professionally, to be confident in your actions, your vision and your abilities


Develop your confidence, personally & professionally, so you can have the relationships, career & happiness you deserve


Create an understanding of success in all elements of your life so that you have a clear pathway to where you are headed

Stacey Williams - Life & Business Coach

Stacey is a London-based Confidence Coach who is passionate about helping you to create the confidence to take charge of your future and create a successful life you love.
Find out how you can make real progress, develop your confidence and create self-belief as Stacey challenges you to think differently and take small steps that actually work towards what you want to achieve.
Having gone through significant changes in her own life, Stacey understands what it takes to come out confident and strong on the other side.


Originally from New Zealand, Stacey relocated to the United Kingdom several years ago and has worked in support and operation roles for busy startups. In her sessions she draws on entrepreneurial spirit and professional experience to collaborate with clients to break through barriers.
Stacey is a passionate coach who never does anything halfway. She has studied a range of subjects – from equestrian to child care to business – however remains firm that life itself has been her greatest teacher.

Coaching Packages

Coaching is not for everyone. It requires dedication, investment and follow through. You will invest not only financially but emotionally, mentally and with your time.
The below packages are a rough guide of what options are available, however if you have something in mind and would like to discuss it, please feel free to get in touch via email - info@swcoach.co.uk


  • 6x Sessions
  • Phone Sessions Only
  • 12 Week Programme
  • Email Support
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  • 8x Sessions
  • Phone Sessions Only
  • 12 Week Programme
  • Email Support
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  • 10x Phone Sessions
  • 2x F2F Sessions
  • 16 Week Programme
  • 24hr Email Support
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